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UNEP provides training support for IAS on Persistent Organic Pollutants

A week long training workshop was carried out at the University of the South Pacificís Institute of Applied Science in association with Orebro University of Sweden on Persistent Organic Pollutants or POPs. The training which was...[more]

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USP's Institute of Applied Sciences assists with drug discovery work in Fiji

The Institute of Applied Science at the University of the South Pacific together with the Georgia Institute of Technology and Scripps Institute of Oceanography have combined their research efforts in Fiji to look for medicinal...[more]

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Fiji prepares plan to reduce use of pollutants

Fiji Government news article[more]

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Marine conservation in the Solomon Islands

The University of the South Pacific's Institute of Applied Science has taken a leading role in helping communities in the Solomon Islands conserve their marine resources. In the process, it has been able to form partnerships...[more]

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